Divine Comedy Poem Structure

(Galleries are in red on the Left)

Base 3


(9 is from La Vita Nuova)

(33) --- Paradiso --- (33)
(33) Purgatorio (33)
(34) Inferno (34)
(3 + 4)

Approach A
Start with Inferno Canto 1 and move down
Then go to Purgatorio Canto 1 and move up through Paradiso

Approach B
All points being simultaneous
View any stanza intuitively


The Play of Life

The aspect of Dante's Divine Comedy I admire the most is its attempt to
portray the whole of creation in a way both structured and alive.
In my own way I am attempting to do something similiar,
only my viewpoint is broader, and I am an artist.

This Western or left-hemisphere half of my visual poem
is derived from cantos in Dante's Divine Comedy.
I do not illustrate Dante's poem literally,
I merely use it as a point of departure.

Spoken Word = Sound